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National Apprenticeship Week 2020

Friday 7th February, 2020

In late summer 2017, NESL were approached by local training provider, Advanced Industrial Solutions (AIS), to give 4 weeks work experience to a school leaver who was taking part in one of their courses.,
After meeting and chatting to the trainees, our directors agreed to take on all 4 to allow them to complete the work experience part of their course.

The 4 weeks placement flew by for the company and the trainees.  This time confirmed to Mark & Mark that they as a company, were ready to employ an apprentice.  With a wealth of knowledge and experience from not only themselves but also their workforce, they felt they could offer an apprentice a fantastic start in their working career.

CV’s were requested and reviewed, followed by interviews with them all.  During the interview process, small parts of the personalities of the trainees started to peek through.  One thing that was clear was the potential in them all.  After much discussion and questioning of their sanity, Mark & Mark decided that they were unable to offer an apprenticeship to just one.  So, they offered one to all 4 trainees!  They saw the importance of bringing on new members of the team who will benefit hugely from working day to day with the current team who have so much to impart. 

In November 2017, after 4 weeks work experience placement, Jackson, James, Joe & Cain became apprentices at Northern Engineering Solutions and the knowledge transfer began.
They were provided with tool bags & kits to kick start their careers.  Initially they were thrown in at the deep end, working outdoors in the cold and snow at a site in County Durham.  They survived and returned to work after the Christmas break!  In their first year they gained a wide experience of the different projects NESL undertake.  They were able to work away from home for the first time, being involved in projects in Sheffield and Oxford.
Alongside work they were studying for a Level 2 Operational Performance on day release.  This was run by AIS and supported by East Durham College.  They completed Level 2 in June 2019.

Level 3 started in September 2019, this time at Coast College supported by Northern Skills.  The level of work involved has stepped up, along with the expectation of what they should be doing day to day at work.  The guys are constantly being challenged and encouraged to get the best out of them.

As we entered 2020 only two apprentices remained, Jackson & James.  They are approaching the end of their sub-diploma and are finding college more demanding and more studying required out of college.  They are continuing to be a vital part of our team, working locally and nationally.

Northern Engineering Solutions are proud to be an employer who is investing in the future with apprenticeships.  The past two years have presented challenges, but they have also been very rewarding and encouraging.  We are looking forward to seeing our guys pass their course in the summer, like proud parents!

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